Deals and Partnerships in PM

At the beginning of the 21st century, there were only a few drugs that could be considered ‘targeted’ therapies or ‘personalized’ therapies. In the 15 years since, the development of personalized therapies has become the norm – most notably in oncology, but increasingly in other therapeutic areas. Neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease all now have treatments for which a diagnostic test is a paramount factor influencing the physicians’ prescribing decisions.

While only time will tell the true economic value of personalized therapies, it is becoming increasingly noticeable that we are in the process of the ‘paradigm shift’ in the pharmaceutical industry. This is also reflected by increasing investment in co-development of diagnostics for the pharmaceutical pipelines, both via merger and acquisition to boost in-house capabilities, and via partnering with existing players in the diagnostics arena. We are further seeing increasing M&A activity within the diagnostic and medical devices, as well as biotech and research organizations, on top of the venture capital funding flowing into the companies offering new technologies such as sequencing and ‘big data’ information technology solutions.

In this dataset we intend to give a glimpse into the quarterly trends of the partnering and M&A activities in the personalized medicine (PM) space.