Ambitious yet achievable

Recent innovations in molecular diagnostics have played an important role in improving patient outcomes in a range of human diseases. Jointly with personalised therapeutics, companion diagnostics form the field of personalised medicine, where a person’s clinical, genomic and environmental information is used to more precisely select medication and dose for each individual patient. The application of personalised medicine is likely to improve patient care as well as lower healthcare costs.

As a centralised organisation promoting innovation and efficiency through personalised medicine, EPEMED set ambitious yet achievable near-term goals to deliver on its mission with European and International partners:

  • Identify ways to facilitate development of personalised treatments and ensure they are made available to patients quickly and cost-effectively
  • Establish clear regulatory guidance on the co-development of diagnostic test and personalised drug therapy
  • Advise standardised validation approaches for companion diagnostic tests
  • Improve Europe-wide  market access for high-value, companion diagnostics
  • Ensure value-based pricing and reimbursement of diagnostic tests